Saturday, July 5, 2014

Freedom and Wishes

It's the day after Independence Day for us in the USA.

Growing up this was always such a fun holiday,wasn't it? 

It still is so much fun. 

As a child, when the 4th of July arrived, I felt like it was a pre-party to my birthday, as my day is only 4 days later. Right around the 5th, I would get really excited for my day.

I'm not as giddy about it as I once was, but I am still so thankful to have taken my trip around the sun again.

Back to our celebration this year. I took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. Turns out noone goes to the movies on 4th of July, which is great since my youngest doesn't tolerate sitting still for very long.

The movie was good, at least the parts I saw whilst my son ran laps up and down the ramp at the entrance to the theatre, so as not to disturb the moviegoers.

My daughter liked it.

We went out to dinner, and afterward  got together with some neighbors and had a block party. Lots of fireworks and fun. 

This year I tried something different, and released sky lanterns. 

They will definitely become a tradition in this house. They are beautiful and everyone enjoyed them.

They created a perfect moment to reflect on our freedoms, make wishes for the future, release, and watch them float away. Bright and steady against the alternating dark, and perilously explosive night sky.

It was a great way to slow the kids down after they ran amok all night.

We are all bleary eyed today, but we are hoping to enjoy a hike together this weekend.

Hope yours is fantastic!

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