Tuesday, March 4, 2014

6/ #48Walks : Yay, Sun!

For the 6th of my 48 Walks we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day. We drove down south to the Millersylvania State Park. I love this park because it is so close by and child friendly. 
You will need a Discover Pass to visit this park.

I also love that there are many different options on what to do once you get to the park. There are trails, camping, swimming, fishing, and during the warmer months there are boat/kayak/paddle boat rentals.
This walk was actually taken the last day of February.

I still don't have a word, or a phrase for what I am figuratively walking towards. Maybe it should be clarity? 
I'm not really worried about it. It will come in good time.
Right now I am just so enjoying the last of our Winter woods, and anticipating Springtime. 

Now on to the magic.

These woods have a very strange feel to them in Winter. Things are mottled, and chaotic. Many trees are so covered in moss that the branches remind me of a deer's antlers that still have fuzz all over them.

There are several very eerie looking places along the trail we took (which happened to be off the beaten path) and I think a part of me was expecting to see some Seelie Court or kitsune action.  Not really, but look at this natural archway,

and this tree with a face, ( you see it too right? complete with  a Treebeard?)

and this crooked armed tree

These woods are full of old, massive trees. 

It does feel enchanted.

And then if you end your amazing hike right around sundown, you can stop off at a dock and enjoy all this.

Next week, maybe I will try a city walk. So you guys don't think I'm a big ol' hippy!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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