Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Progress


By the time we get to the end of February we are just kind of battle weary. The glow of the new year has dimmed. We are tired of Winter's short, dark days. Even as the days are getting longer and stronger, they are just not enough at February's end. Are they?

At the end of February I am careful to remember that things can change so gradually that you will not notice it if you are not mindful. If you are drudging through your routine, head down and cursing your wet feet, you will just miss the change.

I look for the light, and the new growth, and the sunsets that are a minute or two later than the night before.

Then in comes March, with its joyful parade of light, and flowers, and greenery, and warmer days. St. Patricks day, and Guiness and corned beef and cabbage.

I love March. It has always been one of my favorite months.

Anyway, on to the financial update:
February was a great financial month! We were able to so away another $1900. Still working about 12 hrs a week at hospital, and only eating at home the majority of the time.

While this is pretty great, and far above what I assumed would be possible last December, we became unfocused this last week and spent a bit more on food than I wanted to.

I will do my best to make March even more organized. This helps any budgeting endeavor.

Just a quick blip today to mark progress. Hope your weekend is nice and relaxing!

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