Friday, August 29, 2014

4 Apps That Are Changing How I Live Life

*** Foul Language Alert***


It is nauseating. NAUSEATING. To know how much time I use to spend on my phone. The first day I had the app I vowed to use my phone in a normal way to get an accurate reading of just how much time I really spent on it.
Final reading for the day: 101 screen unlocks and 2hr 40 minutes of usage. Ugh. (don't judge me!) This app factors in ALL phone usage, and breaks it down into how long you have been on each app, including camera/text messaging/phone.
It is an excellent tool if you feel like you need a reminder to get off your phone. You WILL be reminded. A lot.
You are working on staying in the daily "green zone". When you start going into yellow, the adorable little monk mascot of the app becomes not as adorable, and instead turns into a nagging, raging, crazy person.

I love the challenge. It has brought back the mindfulness of using my phone for a purpose instead of a distraction. I had no idea I spent so much time on my phone since I always feel so busy doing other things. Now I get on my phone for a reason, and get off when that is accomplished. Instead of checking social media, or clicking random articles and scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Unf*&^ Your Habitat:

If profanity offends you DO NOT bother to read this. Me? I am occasionally a fan of "sentence enhancers" (thanks Spongebob and Patrick ) (e.g. when there are no kids around!!!) . Especially when I have to clean and I don't feel like it. Sometimes this ship runs smoothly, and everything is just as it should be. Then other times I get crazy, crazy busy, then I look around and this place needs some serious attention.

Profanity can be highly motivating, as proven by this app.
It makes me laugh. It motivates. Basically, it speaks my language.

What I have found most helpful is My To-UnF%$^ list. This is a list you fill out yourself of tasks that must be done. You choose which one you are working on, and a 20 minute timer starts. When that timer is over- a ten minute "break time" starts. I am almost always finished with the task way before the first 20 minutes is up. I loaded up my list with all of the random projects that are not part of our daily cleaning grind. I choose a few to do every day, depending on how much time I have and off I go.

If you are a runner, you have probably been using this FOREVER.  I have been using it since 2011ish. It is an important app as it tracks your route, your speed, and length of your run.
I want to say more, but really, if you run you know about this app and probably use it. If you don't yet, you need to.

This App is an absolute blessing. I love it. I've used it about a year now. It really helps you to track your daily consumption, not only of food,  but water and exercise too. I think everyone who cares for their health should have this app.
I love that it "remembers" what I eat, the database of foods is so vast, and it tracks nutrition. Not just calories. You can see when you are lacking iron, or have eaten too much sodium, etc. It is such a helpful health tool.

Which apps do you find help with your daily life? Please share!

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