Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Frugal Living and Giving: 15 Ways to Help Even on a Budget.

All of us have times when we must lean on our family and friends. We also have times when we must be the friend someone leans on.
This should not change just because you are on a budget.
If, at the end of your goal, you find yourself with plenty of money and estranged friends, what was the point?
There are so many ways to help out that involve little or no money.
Sometimes just showing up for people makes the biggest impact. Even if you are empty handed.

Here are some ideas to help some friends in need for no money:

1.Do their laundry for them. No less than 3 loads. Washed, dried, folded and put away.

2.Babysitting. 2 hours. No big deal.

3.Clean out their car. Complete with vacuuming, and wipe down. (this was done for me as a birthday
present from a friend who was just laid off. It was one of my all time favorite presents).

4.Volunteer to make phone calls for them. Could be calling the doctor, insurance company, or even distant relatives that need to know some good, or bad news.

5. Shovel a walk/mow a lawn

6.Walk a their dog for them. Complete with a play session.

7.Take their kids for a sleepover with your kids. It is so nice to have a free night, especially so when you are dealing with stress.

8.Clean their kitchen for them. (As a new mom this was one thing I wish I had more of)

9. Go for a walk together, even if one of you is wheelchair bound (or especially so).

10. Volunteer to drive them to appointments. I work in the medical field, and this is a huge issue for many. So much that they may actually miss important appointments that can help them heal.

And for very little money:

1. A reach out meal- Bring a meal, paper plates/ plastic cutlery, and about 1 1/2 hours of good company.

2. Freezer meals- just do a search on the interwebs. You'll find about a million inexpensive freezer meals to make. Make 2-3 and a card appropriate for the occasion.

3. A gift card for a meal. +Bonus points for places that deliver.

4. A gas card (helpful for people traveling to and from hospitals and doc appts)

5. A good book. It may not seem like the time, but sometimes you need an escape. This one is more for hospital stays, and long treatment sessions. Not so much for new moms.

If you see a need, do what you can to help. It doesn't have to be expensive!

If you have any ideas to add, please do so in comments!

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