Monday, January 6, 2014

RELAX!!! 25 Ways to Reduce Stress for Free!

I say "Relax" about a billion times a day.

Usually it is said this way :
"Just relax! Its fine."

This works all the time for my kids.
 No matter what "it" actually is. (for the record- It is usually a toy issue, I wouldn't say this if they were on fire or bleeding.)

I say it in my head too when I am getting frustrated, or overwhelmed.
It usually works... sometimes.

But I thought I would compile an actual list of free stress busting activities. Because as this year starts and we often feel the need to put a whole new load of demands in our already demanding lives. I figure, we should all just RELAX a little.

While spa days, yoga retreats, and beach vacations are nice and relaxing- we happen to be saving for something even more life changing and spectacular, and you might be too. So for now- try these.

Bonus points for combining several of these in one day!

1. Sing.

2. Dance. Check Youtube. Hulu. Or Netflix

3.Take a walk. Walking boosts endorphins in as little as 10 minutes.

My little guy walking

4. Bonus points if you take a walk with a friend.

5. Do yoga

6. Find a quiet place and just be.

7. Meditate.

8. Play a game. 

9. Call a friend or family member. Bonus points for skyping.

10. Play with your kids. Then hug them, a lot.

11. Take a bath.

12. Drink something hot. Even if it is just water with a lemon.

13. Write something.

14. Draw something.

15. Help someone else out.

16. Go play outside. Nature is the original stress reducer.

17. Find a source of water. Rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, or ocean. Doesn't matter, just find some and do what you want in or near it.

18. Breathe deeply.

19. Visit the library, read in a quiet corner.

20. Stretch your body.

21. Say something nice to yourself, and mean it.

22. Take a nap!

23. Do toe-ga. (Warning: if feet kinda skeeve you out- skip this one)

24. Take a hike.

25. Go for a run.

I could really keep going on and on. You don't need money to beat stress. You just need to prioritize your time!

What are some of your thrifty stress busters?

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