Monday, January 27, 2014

2/ 48Walks on a Sunday

These were taken at Tolmie State Park. This is a great park for kids. The trails are well kept, even boardwalks in places, and just long enough for little legs to run.

During the Summer months the beach is the perfect place for kids to enjoy some crab catching, sand dollar collecting, and general watery fun. It's not usually too crowded, even on our most Summery days.

It is definitely one of our favorites. 

This #48walks project, led by Alison Chino, has been super Interesting. My favorite part is seeing where all of the participants are in the world, and the places we are choosing to show. 

My family is a pretty outdoorsy lot anyway, and it has been fun to go out walking with an intention of showcasing these familiar twists and turns on our favorite woodland trails. 

There is a quiet peace I feel when walking in the Winter woods. There isn't a lot of foot traffic during the Winter, and I'm sure that plays a big part. 

I love the bare winter branches against the overcast sky & the dark hollows made by the understory brush. These will soon be little secrets. Still there, only hidden by the new Spring growth. 

 We will be there. Happily running the same trails, with new wonder.

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