Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Using What I have. Making Stuff I Want.

Next weekend I have scheduled some time to sort through our closets and dressers. This act is a prelude to Spring cleaning. This is not a task I necessarily like, but I feel like life is much easier after decluttering, and that is usually motivation enough for me. 

This decluttering results in a giant pile of stuff. Some will be sold, most will be donated, and some will be upcycled, salvaged, repurposed, DIY'd, and live happily again as something completely different.

 I am pretty creative and I can see multiple uses for most objects, so this process is trickier than it seems.The pile of things I just "decluttered" can very easily become another pile of "crap to make or do later".

I have to be ruthless during the decluttering and reorganizing process.

But let me explain- using things I already have is one of my favorite things. It kind of feels like free in my flawed logic.

I have limited myself to 5 upcycling ideas because I feel pretty confident I can get these done in a reasonable time frame. There a few things we legitimately need, and a few that I just legitimately want. I will be looking through our cast offs with these things in mind, and getting rid of the rest that afternoon.

Without further ado, my 5 upcycling projects:

1.Use your old clothes for rags!
 I cant believe more people my age dont do this .Cut up unserviceable clothes to use as household rags for everything. Cleaning, wiping dog paws, keep a set to use instead of paper towels, even cut some to use on your swiffer (wet, or dry). When you are done using them, they go right in The wash. We only use paper towels when company is over. No wasted trees, or money.

2. Before tossing any clothing- remove zippers and buttons and any usable cloth. They can be used for projects later. My grandma taught me this. She had a super impressive button jar. I kinda wish I still had it.

3. Make a sweater bed for a small pet. Too cute. This will be made as a gift for my neighbor. She has two adorable little dogs, and mentioned she wanted one of these.

 4. Make lace boot "socks" out of sweater sleeves- (more like leg warmers, but so comfy and cute). I ordered some last year. I was so excited when they finally came and then as I was opening up the package the buttons fell off of one. I was so mad! I will just make my own. I already have the lace, buttons,and a specific sweater in mind.

Image 1

 3. Make a sweater throw pillow

Cable Knit Decorative Pillow 
 I love cable knit ones like these I found for $29.00.  Pfffft- $30  for a pillow? That's almost a full tank of gas for a weekend getaway! I would much prefer the experience of an adventure more than a pillow I will probably only use for a short time anyway. A few stitches, a cast off sweater, and a throw pillow I already own? That is totally doable!

4. Patch some sweaters together to make a cozy couch blanket. I don't think I have enough sweaters (or time, or patience) for a big blanket, but I do for a small couch sized one. This will go with the throw pillow into the play room.

5.Repurpose an old pair of pants or a skirt into draft dodgers. 

We need one of these so bad! I plan to use a piece of pipe insulation that I already have, but you can fill them with just about anything.

 + Bonus points-we will be saving money on our energy bill! Tutorial for the one pictured here.

I'm looking forward to the end of this week, and the end of this month.

I can't wait to share our progress, with our budget and all of the other "goals" I set for myself this year!

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? What do you start with first?

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