Friday, January 31, 2014

End of Month Status: January

Happy Chinese New Year!

Horse year is suppose to be a fortunate year that brings luck and good things. Sounds excellent!

January, you were good.

Here is how you shook out.

Budget-This month we were able to put over $1,000 away. In just the first month! It makes me kind of sad that this money will be put towards a new kitchen in a home we will not be living in much longer (hopefully), instead of a big trip. In the long run though, it is providential and absolutely the way events should be transpiring.

We have done so, so good on our budget.

The only meals we ate out at were from Subway, and were both less than $15 each, for all 4 of us (+ an Ibotta rebate!)

We only bought what we needed. Which happened to include new clothes and shoes for my kid (growing too fast!). It was all bought on clearance online, and with Ebates rebates  (if you haven't signed up please consider clicking my link!) & extra coupon codes + free shipping.

I also committed to helping at the hospital about 12 hours a week, to bring in more income.

We had to get the car serviced ($171), had an enormous electricity bill ($369! usually around $240 as our entire house is electric, we have no other heat source), Our dog had an ear infection ($89), and I have had to get a tank of gas every week to get to work (about $160, but I will be reimbursed for this) . I also decided to support a friend who is running her first 35 mile Ultra Marathon with Team World Vision to provide clean drinking water to those in need ($25).

February's savings should be even better.

Health- I have only managed 1 run a week since working more, but have gotten out hiking or walking at least 4 times a week. I even share at least one of these ( #48Walks on instagram) , each week. My yoga practice is something I do daily, and I have added more meditation thanks to signing up for The Joyful Mother's Mamaste meditation group as part of a personal experiment.

Family- It has been good financially that I am working,  but this has come at a personal cost. My son is knee deep in serious separation anxiety. When I leave for work he is crying and begging me "don't leave me, mama!". Luckily he is with his Grandma and she takes excellent care of him. I have to remind myself that this is temporary.
I have been spending my mornings with him distraction free, and have a fun and interesting project or sensory time we can do together. I cannot say if it has helped or not.

House- Oh lord, this one I am making slow, slow progress on. There is such a wide range of things on this list that even when I cross 1 or 2 off a day it seems like they are instantly replaced by something else. Its an infuriating game of whack-a-mole.

I am so pleased with how well we did, and I am pumped about February!

I have many goals for this month,far too many to list here (not to mention some are downright boring..zzzz..) But I will still be focusing on saving, saving, saving & trying to get a few more runs per week in.

How did you do sticking to your goals in January?

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